Bonako is a mobile games and app company. It currently has 18 employees plus 6 interns. It builds games for the iOS, Android, Facebook, and online multi-player platforms. It produces applications and games. It has three games already in both the play store (android) and app store (iOS) as well as several apps. We are planning to expand our Bonako offerings. We also have plans to build strategy and role-playing games based on major African folktales and key historical figures and episodes that can be played on various platforms. Bonako currently has four games under production and it is working on building a franchise around its car racing game. The aim is to build the same games for other African countries/cities. In addition to games, we are now building our Bonako App Bakery Framework to develop mobile apps fast and cheaply. The apps we help firms to enhance customer experience, promote efficiencies and facilitate productivity. Bonako is also building its own apps and it is seeking partners for some of the apps, which the plan is to spin off as independent businesses in collaboration with partners.